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RFID132 - Iso

Central Monitoring

Efficient platform to track keys movement. Accessibility of keys (24/7/365) with real time monitoring.


Able to grant authorized access to different users based on defined key rights.

Real Time Audit Trail/ Management Reporting

Every transaction is recorded instantly, providing transaction reports for management reporting and auditing purposes.

Cost Savings

Reduce operation cost due to lost keys and change of locks

IKLAS make life easier



LED Indicator

Identify status of key slots


Access tracking

GSM Modem

Generate SMS alert (optional)

Key Tag Reader

Easy identification of key slot upon return

Smart Card Reader

Authentication via card, pin or biometric (optional)

Key Rings

Secure keys with tamper-proof

key rings/cable seals

Sensor Operated
Alarm System

Alert users during abnormalities

Window Panel

Locate unreturned keys at a glance  

A variety of options to cater to different business needs


Color camera to capture photo of users during retrieval and return of keys
Fail secure: In the event of loss of power supply, keys will be locked in position to prevent unauthorized removal
Power down detector with auto backup battery mode
Master key for emergency release of all keys 
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