IRIS Recognition System

EF – 45

Breakthrough in the Iris Recognition User Experience:

Simple & Intuitive


Able to grant authorized access to different users based on defined key rights.

Real Time Audit Trail/ Management Reporting

Every transaction is recorded instantly, providing transaction reports for management reporting and auditing purposes.

Cost Savings

Reduce operation cost due to lost keys and change of locks


Innovative Face Display Positioning

The innovative face display for proper positioning is simple and natural. The subject merely positioning his or her eyes within the centering box, and then moves toward the EF-45 until the box and indicator bar turns green, at a range of 35 to 45 cm (in normal mode). If the subject moves too close, the indicators will turn red.

Move Forward

Out of Range

Too far away at more than 45cm


Within proper imaging range

Between 35 cm to 45 cm

Move Backward

Out of Range

Too close at less than 35cm